Counter Tops Edmonton

Throughout Edmonton you will find many good counter top companies.  As a plumber I have been called by some of these companies to install the sinks after the counters have been installed.  I have also been called many times by people that are looking for a plumber to hook up the drains and faucets after getting new counters.

In most areas of the city you will find that someone in the neighborhood has installed granite counter tops.  Years ago when I first started plumbing there was not many houses that had granite in Edmonton.  Most homes had regular laminate, and the odd house had granite, and once in awhile someone would have Corian.

What ever type of counter top you buy and have installed in your home you will want to hook the plumbing up right.  I was recently in a house where the homeowner hooked up his own plumbing after buying granite counter tops.  It leaked everywhere.  He called my to fix the problem, and I did what he should have done.  Which is to cut out the old plumbing and hook up new plumbing.

Kitchen Counters Edmonton

If you are buying kitchen counters in Edmonton I would suggest you talk to at least three different companies.  Whatever you do you should not go with the lowest price.  From my 22 years of experience I can say that most people that have gone with the lowest price have had the worst experiences.  If most granite companies charge $4000 for your granite and one company can come in at $2500 do you think you are getting the best deal by going with the $2500 job?  I have done a lot of work for a lot of companies and the companies that have been the cheapest always did the worst work.  I never stayed with those companies as most of the time they would cut corners and rip clients off.

I also suggest that if you are installing new kitchen counters that you should also buy new faucets and a new kitchen sink.  Even if your faucets are just three years old go out and buy new ones.  If you buy a new car do you keep the tires off your old car?  I hope not.

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