Here are some articles that I have written based on my opinion of bathroom fixtures in Edmonton and other plumbing fixtures in Edmonton for your home.

Refrigerator water lines and ice makers

Many new refrigerators have a water line hookup that will allow for automatic ice making and drinking water option.  Any of the units that I have installed come with a water filter that will at the very least take the chlorine out of the water.   Read More…

Gas line installation Edmonton

In Alberta gas line installation is mainly done by plumbers/gas fitters with a journeymen ticket for gas fitting.  Not all plumbers can run gas lines in Edmonton.  The reason is because plumbers from other provinces move here for work and during their apprenticeship they only got their Plumbing Journeymen Ticket.  Read more…

Dishwasher installation Edmonton

If you are building a house in Edmonton, or you are replacing an older you will wan dishwasher in Edmonton to know what dishwasher installation in Edmonton costs.  If you are building a new house in Edmonton or maybe you have had your kitchen renovated and the dishwasher has been moved you will require a new dishwasher installation read more…

Garburators Edmonton

Natural Gas BBQ’s (Bar-B-Ques) Edmonton

Natural Gas stoves, ranges, and cook tops Edmonton

Commercial Plumbers Edmonton

Commercial plumbers in Edmonton do work on projects that are non residential but not industrial.  A lot of commercial plumbers do have the ability to work on residential and industrial but for the most part seem to like to stay within the commercial side of things.  Commercial plumbing can entail something as small as fixing a toilet in a public washroom to the complete plumbing construction of a large office or condo building.

Bathroom fixtures Edmonton

Any time you decide to upgrade your home with a bathroom renovation or basement development in Edmonton you are going to want to have new bathroom fixtures to install or for your favorite Edmonton plumber and Edmonton electrician to install for you.  Yes, for most of you when you think about bathroom fixtures you are thinking of a toilet, sink, and bathtub, but if you are doing…click here...

Plumbing fixtures Edmonton

Kitchen sinks Edmonton

There are many kinds of kitchens sinks in Edmonton for you to choose from.  Most of the big box stores carry a wide selection of kitchen sinks.  From stainless, to graphite and other styles.   Read more…

Kitchen faucets Edmonton

There are many reason to buy a new kitchen faucet in Edmonton.  For the most part I have installed new kitchen faucets for people when they have either renovated their kitchens or had a new counter top installed.  Yes, I have also installed at least a hundred kitchen faucets in Edmonton for people that just required a new faucet.  Read more…

Delta faucets Edmonton

One of my favorite faucets is the Delta faucets line.  Whether you need new faucets in Edmonton for your bathroom basin, kitchen or tub and shower, you will find that the Delta faucets have some of the best features of any faucet you can buy in Edmonton.  Read more…

Bath fixtures Edmonton

Bathroom Cabinets Edmonton

Most bathroom cabinets are seen as vanities.  There is a small cabinet with a sink and faucet and above that is a mirror and a light.  Today though as we want more and more storage in our Edmonton homes we look to bathroom cabinets to accommodate some of this.  As a plumber from Edmonton I have done

Bathroom Edmonton

Bathroom vanities Edmonton

I have been looking for a bathroom vanity for the last couple of weeks.  I have a client that is interested in something a little different than your normal bathroom vanity.  In the process of looking I have found many different styles of bathroom vanities in Edmonton.  Most of which I have located at the many different big box stores that we have throughout the city.  Read more…

Residential Construction Plumbing

Residential construction plumbing in Edmonton is very seasonal.  As a plumber in Edmonton I have done work throughout the summer that creates some very long hours, then comes winter and things can slow down quite a bit.  When you hire a plumber to do residential construction plumbing work in Edmonton you will have to give them a set of blueprints to give you a quote.  Make sure that every plumber that you have quote the job is pricing the job based on the same information Read more…

Plumbing supplies Edmonton

Bathroom sinks Edmonton

As an Edmonton plumber for the last 22 years I have installed many bathroom sinks of varying styles, colors and sizes.  The average home will have a drop in style bathroom sink that is normally round or oval and white in color.  Most of the faucets will be either a single lever or two handle faucet that fits into a four inch center space.

Sinks Edmonton

Toilets Edmonton

There are many different kinds of toilets that you can buy in the city of Edmonton.  Here is a line of toilets that I have installed that I have had a lot of luck with.

This particular toilet is a dual flush with great flushing performance.

Counter Tops Edmonton

Throughout Edmonton you will find many good counter top companies.  As a plumber I have been called by some of these companies to install the sinks after the counters have been installed.  I have also been called many times by people that are looking for a plumber to hook up the drains and faucets after getting new counters.

DIY Renovations Edmonton

As a handy person you can most likely do a lot of renovations in Edmonton yourself.  There are a few things to consider before taking on such a task.  Are you going to do all the work yourself?  Or are you going to hire trades and act as the general contractor?  Or somewhere in between?  Whatever the case there are different levels of skills that are required to do any of your own renovations.

Bathtubs Edmonton

Showers Edmonton

Garage Heaters Edmonton

Tankless water heaters Edmonton

Radiant heaters Edmonton

Infrared heaters Edmonton

In floor heating Edmonton

Boilers Edmonton

Hydronic heating Edmonton

Plumbing and heating Edmonton

Heating supplies Edmonton