Sump Pump Installation

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With all of the rain we are getting many of you are probably looking to install a new sump pump in Edmonton.  I have installed 6 sump pumps in the last couple of weeks.  Which is a little more than most years, but every four to six years we get a lot more rain here in Edmonton which means your sump pump is working a lot harder than normal years.

A good suggestion is to test your sump pump at the beginning of the season.  This will help to make sure you will not flood your basement, but will not guarantee that the pump will work the whole season.

Another thing you could do for peace of mind is install a high level alarm that will sound if the water gets above a certain point.  If you buy one of these and install it yourself make sure that the setting is a couple of inches above the maximum your float can go.  This way the alarm will sound before you flood your basement and not before the pump will kick on.

Most sump pumps only have a two year warranty, so if your sump pump is five to six years old or older then some preventative maintenance might be a smart idea.

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