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Today I went to a house that I have been to a few times, through upgrading their kitchen, bathrooms and fixing a few things here and there.  Today I went to fix a leaky faucet they had in their shower.  The faucet was a delta shower faucet that was installed in 2005.  There was just a small drip in the faucet but needed to be fixed.

When you repair most types of single lever faucets today you can just take the part to your plumbing supply store in Edmonton and exchange it for a new one.  In this particular case that is what I did, with one small but expensive exception.  The house did not have a water softener so the handle was very corroded and the set screw was ceased in place.  After trying a little rust removal I tried to to loosen the set screw and stripped it on my first try.  I then had no choice but to drill out the set screw and get a new handle.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not in any way knocking Delta, as I feel these are the best faucets you can buy for the money.  You can buy better faucets but at a much higher price so if you are looking for value then Delta faucets are the way to go.

Even though in this case the job became expensive it was still cheaper to repair than to replace.  To replace this set of Delta shower faucets would have cost more than double as the only access would have been breaking tile in the front of the shower.  If there was access from a closet behind the shower then the cost would have been the same except for the price of the new Delta shower faucet.

Here is how I rank shower faucets, Grohe or Han Grohe, Delta, then Moen, then nothing else.  Of course I am thinking of my own home which I would recommend you do as well but that is your call.

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