Do I Need a Gas Permit to Hook Up A BBQ?

I get quite a few calls about this one so I thought I would put something up here.  If you have an existing line then you do not need a permit to hookup your natural gas BBQ.  If you need to run a new line to your BBQ then you do need a permit.

Even though you do not need a permit you should still make sure that the line that is going to your BBQ is large enough to supply the BBQ with natural gas.  To do this you need to look at your load on the whole line not just the bbq.  Often I have seen people run a BBQ gas line without a permit, then when the next owner comes in they hook up their BBQ only to find that it does not cook the same way as it did at their other house.

This is because the line was never sized properly and not done to code.  I still suggest you hire a gas fitter to hook up your BBQ, then when they get to your house they can size the line for you.  Always better safe than sorry. We can do this for you by calling us at 780-264-0878.

Natural Gas Stove

The same is true for your natural gas stove.  You do not need a permit, but even more important than with you BBQ you need to check the size and capacity of the gas line.  If the other stove was sized for a stove that only had the top natural gas and the rest was electric then if your stove uses a natural gas oven you want to have the proper size.  Improper sizing will cause poor cooking conditions when baking and other oven uses.  You would be surprised how many times I have been in a house that the gas line was sized for the fixtures for the house when the house was new, but people would hook up other gas lines anyway.

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