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There are many reason to buy a new kitchen faucet in Edmonton.  For the most part I have installed new kitchen faucets for people when they have either renovated their kitchens or had a new counter top installed.  Yes, I have also installed at least a hundred kitchen faucets in Edmonton for people that just required a new faucet.

Kitchen faucets come in many different styles, brands, and variations.  I have installed and like Delta, Moen, and Grohe kitchen faucets.  And I have done these with one, two, three, or even four hole installations.

One hole kitchen faucets have the handle, the spout and many times a pull out spray all in one part of the faucet.

Two hole kitchen faucets will have the handle and spout in separate holes.

Three hole kitchen faucets can have a hot and cold handle and a spout that all are contained within one unit, or can be a handle and spout in one location and a spray to the left or right of the center, and a plate that covers the third hole.

Three hole faucets can also be in separate holes the same as two hole except adding a soap dispenser.

Four hole kitchen faucets are three hole faucets with a soap dispenser.

Of all the kitchen faucets I have installed I recommend a Delta faucet.  the reason for this is from my experience these faucets are a little more impressive.  Delta is consistently adding improvements to their line of faucets.  The kitchen faucet has a magnet instead of a clip to hold the spray head in place.  Also Delta has come out with the most unique kitchen faucet, the Delta touch.

kitchens faucets edmonton,

Not sure where I took this picture from, but this is a Delta kitchen faucet.







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