Bathroom Sinks Edmonton

As an Edmonton plumber for the last 22 years I have installed many bathroom sinks of varying styles, colors and sizes.  The average home will have a drop in style bathroom sink that is normally round or oval and white in color.  Most of the faucets will be either a single lever or two handle faucet that fits into a four inch center space.

The next style of bathroom sink that is the most common looks almost exactly the same as the most common style, except this bathroom sink is meant for mounting under granite or quartz counter tops.

bathroom sinks edmonton, under mount sink for vanity

Once you do this then there is no holes for your bathroom faucets.  The granite installer will have to drill hole to accommodate the style of faucet that you want to have in your bathroom.  From single hole, two hole or three hole faucets.  unlike the standard four inch faucet that has three holes you will most likely see these three holes will be used for eight inch faucets.  Which look much better and classier than other styles.  Also a little tougher to install.

Bathroom Vessel Sinks Edmonton

Vessel sinks are those sinks that sit on top of the counter and are attached to the counter with a bead of silicone and the drain assembly.  Vessel sinks used to cost an extreme amount of money, but today you can buy vessel sinks for under $200.  You will however need a faucet that will fit the sink.  These faucets are single hole faucets and are tall enough to flow into the sink.

The only real downfall to vessel sinks is if you like to wash your hair in the sink instead of in the bathtub, other than that these sinks look great.

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