Plumbing After Granite Counter Top Installation

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If you have your countertops changed out you might need to reconfigure the plumbing drains for the sinks.  If you go with the same thickness of counters and the same sinks then you might be able to just hook up the drains.  If on the other hand you install new granite, quartz or marble countertops then you will generally install a sink that will be under mount instead of top mount.  Even if you go with the exact same style of sink when you install the drains you will find the old drains will not fit.  The reason for this is because the sink is now at least an inch lower than before, and may have moved slightly from the exact location it was at before.

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You will now need to reconfigure the drains. To do this you will need a new p-trap, ty, a couple of ABS 90′s, some ABS

pipe, ABS glue, a couple of one and a half inch trap adapters, and a dishwasher drain fitting.


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As you can see in the two pictures to the left the drain accommodates the dishwasher and the garburator.

The garburator comes with a 90 degree adapter that allows you to hook up the drain to the unit with a standard trap adapter.  The sink will come with two drain assemblies, which in this case I only used one as the garburator comes with an adapter to mount to the sink.



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Here you can see how the garuburator was hooked up to the sink.  If you look past the garburator to the back of the cabinet you can see the flexible braided tubes that I used to hook up the kitchen faucet.  You should install the faucet before you start the drains as there is a lot more room to work.



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Here is the finished product.  This particular job was with a granite countertop and looked great.  I did the bathroom faucets and sink hook ups for this one as well, so check here to see those.




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