Bathroom Faucets and Drains After a Granite Installation

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Here is the job I did after the home owner had granite counter tops installed.  This would be the same result if you do any work with granite, marble, or quartz.

plumbers edmonton, plumbing drain in edmonton  When hooking up a drain for a basin you will need a one and a quarter inch trap adapter, p-trap, ABS pipe, coupler, ABS glue, and maybe a 45 degree elbow.

On this particular drain you can see that this is an outside wall as the vent goes into the wall while the drain goes down.

If you are installing a new sink then you need to install the mechanical pop-up.  That is the chrome part in the pic to the left.  Sometimes these are a gray plastic, and sometimes even brass.  These will come with the faucets, but make sure you buy the faucet that comes with a mechanical pop-up as this is not always the case.


plumbers edmonton, 8 inch moen faucets,  This job had a set of 8 inch moen faucets that I needed to install.  Of all the 8 inch faucets I have ever installed these are by far the easiest.  Delta has a set that is pretty nice to install as well.  I know, you most likely care more about how these look.  Check out my article on Delta faucets in Edmonton.




plumbers edmonton, 8 inch moen faucets

These faucets are nice looking, and of course with the installation of granite how can you go wrong?




plumbers edmonton, 8 inch moen faucetsHere is a closer look at these faucets.





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