Toilets Edmonton

There are many different kinds of toilets that you can buy in the city of Edmonton.  Here is a line of toilets that I have installed that I have had a lot of luck with.

This particular toilet is a dual flush with great flushing performance.

toilets edmonton, white toilets in edmonton


This toilet only comes in white and has a slow close toilet seat.








Here is a one piece white toilet with a dual flush for better water savings and environment friendly

toilets edmonton, white toilet in edmonton










Here is the same one piece as above except with just the one flush mechanism.

toilets edmonton, white toilet in edmonton  You will find that the in color for plumbing fixtures in Edmonton, which includes toilets is white.  Some people will go with a black toilet, but for the most part white is the color to go with.  Even if your bathtub is an off white you can still use a white toilet.  The newer toilets are all water conserving which saves you money and saves the environment.








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