Bathroom Vanities Edmonton

I have been looking for a bathroom vanity for the last couple of weeks.  I have a client that is interested in something a little different than your normal bathroom vanity.  In the process of looking I have found many different styles of bathroom vanities in Edmonton.  Most of which I have located at the many different big box stores that we have throughout the city.

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Seems like each year there is a new style, color, and size of bathroom vanity that you can have in your home.  And over the years I have had to hook up sinks in some pretty cool vanities, but with great difficulty.

As a plumber I am not fond of the vanities and sinks that you can buy at IKEA.  Not to knock the store in anyway as I love most of the stuff they carry.  And I would think if I installed these things on a regular basis that I could do just fine.  But doing one or two per year does not make me overly educated on the subject.

If you are doing your own hook ups and you have never done much with plumbing before then this will not affect you.  The reason you do not have to be concerned is you would need to learn the complete process anyway.  For me I can do a regular basin hook up in a molded counter top in about 30 minutes.  This includes the drains, drain assembly, faucet, and putting together the mechanical popup and then testing for leaks.

This is not the case with one from IKEA, these normally take me one to one and a half hours.  If you plan on hiring a plumber then make sure they are aware of this before hand or you can expect an extra on that job.

The most common vanities that I have seen in bathrooms lately are a darker vanity with a white top and either chrome, brushed nickel, or Venetian bronze.  I have seen many different colors though, so you will want to check out a store and see everything for yourself.  I do plan on putting up many pictures on the site to help you in your search, but until I find something I can use for you I will leave this step up to you.

bathroom vanities edmonton, bathroom vanity edmonton, cabinets edmonton

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