Refrigerator Water Lines and Ice Makers

Many new refrigerators have a water line hookup that will allow for automatic ice making and drinking water option.  Any of the units that I have installed come with a water filter that will at the very least take the chlorine out of the water.   Most makes will have optional filters that will do more than just remove the chlorine, check with your brand to see what is optional.

To install a fridge to the water line you will need a quarter inch water line to go from the valve to the fridge.  If you do not already have a waterline behind your fridge you will need to get one there somehow.  In most cases you should call a plumber to install this for you.

A lot of plumbers will use a polyethylene tubing, which is a clear to slightly white tubing. As you can see in the picture.  The trouble with this type  of tubing is that it will start to break down as the line gets older.  I have had a few refridgerator water lines, plumbers edmonton, clients have their homes flooded when these lines have broken.

This in my opinion is not the way to go.







refridgerator water lines, plumbers edmontonThe next type of material commonly used for hooking up a fridge or ice maker is quarter inch copper tubing.  This was the most common way to hook up an ice maker years ago, and in commercial instances is still quite common.  The only thing I do not like about this is the way the copper can kink when you pull the fridge out to clean the floors and walls.

Again, in my opinion this is not the way a fridge water line should be hooked up.







refridgerator water line hook up, plumbers edmontonThis is what I use to hook up a water line.  Yes, this might cost a little more, but the flexible hose moves easily when you pull out the fridge and does not kink nearly as easily as copper does.  In fact I cannot say I have seen one kink, but I am sure anything can be in some cases.

The line comes in four, five and six foot lengths and has the ends attached.  This is by far the bast way to install a waterline to your fridge drinking water and ice maker.







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