Residential Construction Plumbing

Residential construction plumbing in Edmonton is very seasonal.  As a plumber in Edmonton I have done work throughout the summer that creates some very long hours, then comes winter and things can slow down quite a bit.

When you hire a plumber to do residential construction plumbing work in Edmonton you will have to give them a set of blueprints to give you a quote.  Make sure that every plumber that you have quote the job is pricing the job based on the same information.  I did the plumbing in a house once where the home owner used my services because they had used me to develop a basement in a previous house.  They wondered why my estimated price was higher than another plumbers quote.  Since they trusted me they were ok with that but they were still curious.

The reason my price was higher was because I had quoted things that the other plumber did not.  For instance I put in a future BBQ gas line, they did not have it on the print, but when talking with them I had asked if that was something they would be interested in.  And they were.  The same was true for a future gas line to the garage, and an irrigation water line.

As it turns out my price was only $200 higher, then when you add in the extras I was doing I was really much lower.  At $200 higher they knew my service was impeccable so they still hired me before asking why I was higher.

Residential construction plumbing can change so you should expect that the price can change as well.  When I did houses for a larger home builder then the price stayed the same, but the homeowner was not allowed to make any changes after the contract was signed.  When I do work for a home owner directly they will often change their minds about locations of fixtures, add a fireplace, change the size of the laundry room and etc…

There is nothing wrong with making changes but do remember that this will always change the price.  Even if you think the change should make the price a little less if the plumber has to run to the store for material because of the change you can expect some sort of extra.

Residential construction plumbers in Edmonton also do any gas line work you need in the house and any hot water heating that you might want in your new home, such as in floor heating.

When building a new home you will want to decide if you want to go with a tankless water heater or a regular domestic water heater.  You will also want to decide on the types of fixtures you want prior to the plumber bidding on the job.  Unless you get a bid based on the work and any necessary material like pipe and fittings and buy the fixtures yourself.

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